According to ancient Chinese proverbs,  Jade is praised as precious but its strength is being stone. (Laozi, 1368)

...The proverb is open to interpretation.



McKinney, NYC // Art Director  2020-Present

McKinney, NYC // Junior Art Director  2019-2020

Cramer-Krasselt, NYC // Art Direction Intern  Summer 2018




Cornell University 2014-2018

** If you are currently creeping on my portfolio because you are interested in becoming a creative, but don't know where to start, please 1) read this article I wrote on how to become a creative in advertising and 2) email me with any questions. Some time ago I was a student at a non-advertising undergrad program, dreaming of becoming an art director but lacking the funds to attend way-too-expensive portfolio schools. So I learned it all by myself and creeped on portfolios and cold-emailed people who became wonderful mentors. I plan to pass it forward.