Selected Writing

Bloody Angle

Short Fiction

Waxwing Magazine

"Gather around. Welcome to my pungent tale. Let me tell you of blood numbed, sizzled sharp with sichuan peppercorns. May fiery novacaine tingles rush through your veins as you hark my tangy story."

Bodies of Water

"The razors cut lines down our calves coated in whipped cream, our hands wrinkled and pruney. We soaped up each other’s backs, an early lesson in Sappho. If you shave my back I’ll shave yours."

Controlled Burn

Short Fiction, forthcoming Dec 2020

The Margins, AAWW

"Then we tiptoed into the kitchen, where there was Love, shy and shimmering like pungent vapor under the stove lights; we could only see Love if we did not look directly."


Short Fiction, forthcoming Dec 2020

Honey Literary

"He followed a weekly schedule. On Mondays, the photos had an upward angle emphasizing the droop of his balls. Wednesdays gave her a birds eye view of his feet."